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Cut it out

I just received word from jadeejf that some of you have sent harassing emails to the person referenced in my last post.

Seriously, wtf? People, that is just unacceptable. This person, who is hurting over her own situation, lost sight of basic compassion and said something incredibly hurtful and offensive to me. Which means that I sent her an email detailing how what she said was hurtful, and ranted about it here and on facebook, because that's how I deal with things. But 1) I deal with this stuff..ME. 2) I have no ill will towards her. I still like her, I still wish her well, and told her so explicitly. What she said seriously crossed the line, but was said out of blindness, not malice.

Just so you're aware, if you say something that pisses me off, if you do something I find truly unacceptable, you WILL hear about it from me, directly, in no uncertain terms. I don't play this passive aggressive talk behind the back game.

A lot of people can't handle that, so you're being warned.

I posted that entry for a reason, much like I'm posting this one. I hate how women in particular judge other women, and I hate how all of that judgment is used to silence and shame women. I've ranted about this before. So yes, when it comes up in my life, I will write about it here, partially to just release my anger, but also to make an example. What my friend said to me yesterday was unacceptable. It is unacceptable for anyone to treat any other person like that.

I'm making this entry today because it was unacceptable for you (and i don't know who you are, other than my lj friend) to send a harassing email to her. Or to contact her in any way. What happened between us is our business, which is why I said nothing identifying beyond what was immediately relevant to the situation. Perhaps her entry in question was public, I don't remember. Regardless, even if I said "look at what did to me!" it is NOT acceptable.

So, seriously, SHAME ON YOU. Also, what the fuck?

She reported you to LJ abuse, which sounds like was highly deserved. Seriously unacceptable people!

I'm making this one of my very few public entries. I want it KNOWN that I don't find shit like this acceptable under any circumstance. Moreover, as I suspect she will check up on this, I want her to know that I did not intend for my friends to harass her, did not provide identifying information, and did not suggest in any way that such a thing was acceptable. I don't mind if people think badly over stuff I've actually done, but it really pisses me off when people project shit on me and then hate me for it.

I'm also disabling comments on this because I don't want deal with this situation any more. It's unfortunate, but it's done. Get over it. I have.

Cut it out people. And the two of you who sent her emails, apologize. Be a fucking adult.
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